Can you train a dog to talk?

Do you wish to teach your dog to talk; here are few tips to get your dog barking in no time on command. Firstly, this is best when dogs obey your common commands such as come, go, sit and down. These tricks are regarded as extracurricular and are best taught when your dog is well behaved. The easiest trick is to train your dog to talk.

Teach barking to your dog on command as it allow to have control and start the limiting her barking process and your dog must bark only on asking. A few tips:

  • Train your dog such that it barks and get him excited. Try to match its enthusiasm level by getting excited. Encourage games such as tug, catch or fetch and increase the energy level of your dog. Teach your dog to take your common even to lie down.
  • Stop playing and once it is energized, give it a dog treat. Show the reward to your dog and playfully hide it at your back. If it whimpers a little, again show the treat or toss it in front of her face and hide it. Stir its actions.
  • The energy level of your dog should be paired with reluctance and playfulness in offering a treat and this should result in barking. Even a single bark may follow into barks as a sequence on offering the treat. Here use a condition reward and this will work as training. Make sure the reward is received as correct behavior.
  • As it learns barking, you may name the behavior with saying Speak before barking. Dogs easily recognize your hand signals than words, so also include a hand signal with the command. Make your hand resembling a mouth such that it opens and closes fast with the command. Your dog will learn the command in few associations.
  • Repeating sequence and then pairing it with hand signal or command is right when your dog barks as it leans the commands. Practice and continue the same a few times as sequence before trying to prompt the command.
  • Take it to streets and practice the commands in different distractions and situations. If it is able to speak, show your friends. The speaking command must be few short barks. Your point of command should be clear. Give clear commands so that your dog stops barking. Do not use the commands a lot, but keep training so that its brain remains sharp.