Can humans eat dog food?

We all love pets, but do you also love that you feed your pets? Can humans eat dog food?  Just imagine who has not eyed a fresh bowl of kibble or a dog biscuit at least once. There is nothing generally in a pet food that humans will not eat.  So what happens if a meal is shared with your Fido?

About pet food

Finding something appetizing is not an accident.  The pet food industry produces food appealing to owners so that they offer it appealing to pets. These companies actually check through human taste testers and produce new products.

Humans can eat dog food. It is safe, but will taste bland. It is kept bland as the dogs systems are sensitive. There is not much flavor required for the dogs to increase the taste of the food. However, the food for the canine digestive systems does not provide the required vitamins, nutrition, and minerals as required by human systems to stay healthy. In fact, some ingredients may not be easily digestible for humans. Thus, during an emergency situation, when you want to grab something and no other food is readily available, it is acceptable to eat dog food.

If your dog has a yeast infection then the food you should feed it needs to be different. The best dog food for yeast infections is recommended.

There is nothing bad in the pet food and nowadays the pet food is marketed as human food, but it is not the same. The pet food is protein-heavy and lean on carbohydrate. Thus, the dogs are small and humans are big as we need energy more to run and require more carbs.

Safety guidelines

The United States has set safety guidelines for human food to prevent sickness due to contamination. The FDA is responsible for accurate food product labels and ingredient listing.

Dog food has no such strict rules as the human food. The dog food has same basic components as in the people’s food, fats, protein and carbohydrates. These ingredients proportions are different in human food and they can be harmful when it is ingested in prolonged time or significant quantities. This is true if you feed a dog also in the wrong proportion by offering it unbalanced human diet.

The dog food has same ingredients as the human food, such as meat, chicken, and vegetables. However, the fact is that the pet food also includes animal by-products for instance ground-up animal bones or even organs such as the intestines.

Thus the best suggestion is to keep the dog food for dogs only.